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rei of light //
27 February 2022 @ 08:33 pm


{ Rei }
WHO AM I: Strawberries. Pandas. Cotton Candies. Cactus. Pillows. Chocolates. Marsh Mallows.
moved → chikichikichuu  /see you there.
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rei of light //
28 January 2018 @ 10:19 pm
Because I can.

My new username--I can explain. ALL THE GOOD ONES ARE TAKEN ALREADY OKAY/
Bringing this place back to life is more difficult than I thought and, I don't want to see my childish 15 year old self ever again.
And I think I could still write a couple of fics. JUMP and Kpop, depends on my mood (and my mood says I should write mostly Kpop lol)

So yeah. See you there, if you want. ♥
rei of light //
28 February 2012 @ 09:49 pm
As you may all know, I have moved to chikichikichuu (add it up if you like, lol) and I appreciate friend requests in this account, I really really do. However, I do understand that most of you new friends just added me after hearing that I wrote fiction for the HSJ fandom before. I am really an introvert when it comes to the things I write, I'm not confident with them. Butbutbut, now that I have completely left the Jpop fandom, I want to leave a little remnant of myself by unlocking my previous fics. Not that my fics are great reads anyway, but I'll be glad to leave a little of myself with you. I sound ridiculous. XD

So uh. That's all, I think. Maybe I'll post it here, or on my new account. I'd think about unlocking/reposting. This account is pretty much dead, anyway. I miss you all, Jpop dorks! ♥